A little about me...

I am a visual artist with passion behind building community for the BIPOC community virtually and within the real world. I just really love amplifying our voices and talents which is where my passion for advertising comes in. After working in multicultural advertising I’ve gained experience as an Art Director and applied that as an ADCOLOR FUTURE in 2020 and was able to show off my skills through participating in both the FUTURE’s hackathon experience and ADCOLOR’s first Snapchat council and won both competitions with the help of two amazing teams and coaches.

 In 2019 I took my love for skateboarding and founded froSkate, a physical and virtual space that helps inspire non-traditional skaters to get out there and impact the community for the better.

All this to say, I love helping my community and amplifying the voices of those who have been silenced for too long. That shows up through art, community service and all throughout any of my passions.

-Karlie Thornton

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